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Providing car insurance for StoneyCreek & Niagara Save on your Home Insurance Combine your Car & Home Insurance & Save We offer LIFE & HEALTH Insurance Offering Small Business Insurance We Welcome Insurance Referrals Providing motorcycle insurance in Stoney Creek State Farm Agent in Stoney Creek since 1981 Sponsorship of local community groups Member of Chamber of Commerce, Stoney Creek Languages Spoken Polish, Punjabi, Hindi
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A guide to replacing gutters

Malfunctioning gutters can lead to water damage, erosion and compromised foundations. And mucky ones can be a breeding ground for mould and mosquitoes. Help prevent these problems by replacing gutters when they’re in disrepair. Here's what to consider.

Preventing employee theft

Employee theft can come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s taking home office supplies, skimming from the registers, insider robberies or sophisticated bookkeeping and computer fraud, the reality of the modern workplace is that business owners are wise to have controls in place–controls that can help minimize and prevent employee theft.

10 tips for safer merging

Drivers entering, exiting or changing lanes on busy highways should never falsely assume other motorists will make room for them to merge. For this reason, travellers should drive defensively and take precautions to prevent collisions when merging.

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